Sofía is putting up search posters of her missing boyfriend Luis all over town. Copies of his picture surround her. Luis is one of the more than 80.000 missing persons in Mexico.
At night Sofía faces a recurring dream: Little by little her world tranforms into paper. First the birds, then the ground, her room, untill even death is made of paper.

Fiction short film / photo roman / 8 min. / black & white / HD

with Natalia Gómez
Directed and written by Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez & Felix Klee
Photography, editing and VFX by Felix Klee

Advancement Award by FilmFernsehFond Bayern at International Short Film Week Regensburg (Germany)
Special mention of the jury, National Competition at Guanajuato International Short Film Festival (Mexico)
Best Fiction Short Film at aluCine Latin American Film & Media Arts Festival (Canada)
Best Short Film at Festival Internacional de Cine Cuenca (Ecuador)

24th Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico)
Morelia International Film Festival (Mexico)
19th Bogotá International Short Film Festival (Colombia)
Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema 2022 (Brazil)
Festival Internacional de Cortos de São Paulo (Brazil)
Festival International du Film de Nancy (France)

International Short Film Week Regensburg (Germany)
International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2022 (Cyprus)
Kort Film Festival – 45th Norwegian Short Film Festival (Norway)
Leiden Shorts (The Netherlands)

Festival Internacional de Cortometraje UVAQ (Mexico)
Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (Canada)
aluCine Latin American Film & Media Arts Festival (Canada)

Festival Internacional de Cine Cuenca (Ecuador)

Über Kurz oder Lang (Germany)
Cine a la Calle (Colombia)
Toronto Latin American Film Festival (Canada)
MIRA - Festival de Cine Latinoamericano Independiente (Germany)
XV Cine del Mar (Uruguay)
Brucker Kulturnacht 2022 (Germany)

"La desaparición es un estado. Estados pueden cambiar."

(Disappearence is a state. States can change.)
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